Outdoor Cotton Hammocks


Outdoor Cotton Hammocks are made for heavy use and play in the great outdoors. They are pet and child friendly and are more weather resistant than our traditional Cotton hammocks, the cotton string is 3 – 4 times thicker and the end strings are nylon.
Hanging these hammocks undercover will ensure a long life, however if hung outside we recommend using the Hammock Protector, or just unhook them when not in use.
We recommend the King size for this style of hammock in terms of size and comfort.

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3 sizes : Queen, King, Jumbo

Colors : Alegra, Caribe, Colorina, Confeti, Cream, Imperial, Jardin, Mexicana, Oceanica, Radiante, Rainbow, Rasta, Sands

King and Queen sizes are available in all the colors, the range is slightly reduced for Jumbo.

Safe Capacity : Queen 200 kg, King 250 kg, Jumbo 300 kg

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