1 adult, weight capacity 150kg, great for camping and hiking. Single Cotton weighs <1kg

QUEEN size
1 adult and child, weight capacity 200kg, the woven bed expands to 1.75m width
Queen Cotton weighs 1kg, Queen Outdoor Cotton weighs 2kg

KING size
2 – 3 adults, weight capacity 250kg,
the woven bed expands to 2- 2.20m width
King Cotton weighs 1.40kg, King Outdoor Cotton weighs 2.50kg
The King size is the best overall value for Outdoor Cotton.

JUMBO size
A small family, weight capacity 300kg
the woven bed expands to 2.5m width
Jumbo Cotton weighs 1.8kg, Jumbo Outdoor Cotton weighs 2.9kg
Jumbo is the best overall value for Cotton hammocks.


A Mexican Hammock will hang in a space from 3.3m to 4.5m. (and more).
The hanging points (hooks) should be from 1.6m to 2.4m off the ground, your personal preference will decide the height

Each hammock is individually made leading to small variations in length etc. We recommend using 3 ‘S’ hooks and a 5 link chain to suspend your hammock. Moving the 3rd hook along the chain at one end of stand will allow you quick and easy adjustment of hammock shape.


The aim is to lay across the hammock, (not lengthwise) :

Turn your back to the hammock, grab the edge of the far side of hammock behind you and pull it over your head, and grasp the edge closest to you in your other hand, this is where you sit.
Sit down in the middle of hammock, gently.
Lie straight back until you are comfortable, now the hammock is perfectly shaped to your body.

Some also enjoy lying diagonally, kids love to lay lengthwise and cocoon themselves so there are no rules, we just recommend laying across it as the most blissful.

Exiting the hammock : swing your legs over the edge, lean forward onto your knees and step backwards. The hammock will rise up as you step backwards and should rise to point where it is easy to stand up.

If there are 2 or more people in the hammock everyone’s legs must be hanging over the edge to allow anyone to exit or enter the hammock.  

Be careful with buttons, earrings, rings and watches etc when you are in the hammock because they could snag and break a thread when pulled. If this happens quickly grab the broken ends and reweave and re-tie.


Children love hammocks and here are some simple rules for having fun safely in a hammock.

# Bottom first (not foot)  #
# Do not stand in them # or push down heavily on single point, in other words : spread your weight.

Do not leave children unattended in a hammock. Hammocks can be unstable so take care entering and exiting, always put feet over the edge first then stand on ground and stand up.
We recommend hanging your hammock lower when you have young kids so that it is easier for them to get in and out of the hammock.


Whenever you remove a hammock end from a hanging hook TIE A KNOT in the end strings to avoid tangling.
Transport your hammock in a bag or pillow case to prevent snagging.
Always DRY out your hammock before folding and storing away.
Take care of your hammock and it will last for many years. I have used a King size Cotton for 20 years, the colors have faded, but it is still as strong and as comfortable as when i bought it.

Lastly ENJOY your beautiful hammock !!


Mareeba, Mission Beach, Yungaburra markets.

Just call me, +61 419 233 244, and arrange a try out, if you are in the Cairns – Atherton Tablelands  area, Far North Queensland.

New Products : photos on the right >>

Deluxe Outdoor Cotton Hammocks (with tassels and fringe)

King size      $209 – Caribe, Colorina, Cream

Queen size   $190 – Cream



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