Mexican Hammocks Guarantee Policy


We offer a 12 month guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials. This guarantee means we will replace your Mexican hammock at our expense if it does not meet our quality standards. Please read the following.


Damage as a result of wild weather including but not limited to strong storm or wind will not be covered. Please take the appropriate measures to ensure the hammock is safe from any weather related damage.
The Guarantee doesn’t cover any hammock strings accidentally pulled/cut by buttons, jewellery, shoes or watches etc.
It also doesn’t cover negligence or rough treatment by animals, birds or people.
The Guarantee does not cover any loss in comfort, please ensure the weight limit is not exceeded as outlined in the ‘Description’.

If you hang your hammock in a sunny or possibly wet location we recommend that you take the hammock inside after use. This way the hammock will last many years. If Cotton and Outdoor Cotton especially are exposed to too much sun or not spread out to dry the material will deteriorate and this is not covered by the Guarantee.
Nylon and Super Nylon hammocks are perfect to hang in outdoor areas.

If you live by the ocean rinse your hammock regularly to minimise damage by sea salt.

Return Policy:

Products with a genuine material defect or unsatisfactory standard of workmanship will be replaced.

Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase.